Corpo, mente e alma de arquiteto, é assim que me defino e percebo as minhas paixões pela arquitetura, design e pela vida. Estou interessado em relações humanas e carrego mais de 26 anos de experiência de atuação em diversos segmentos de atuação. Como arquiteto e empresário levo uma vida agitada e isso se alinha a minha natureza inquieta.
Growing up next to a club in São Paulo, Douglas began to participate in team sports still as a kid and, at eleven years old, he gave his first steps towards a career in basketball.  Representing Brazil’s national confederation, Douglas travelled to many countries, which woke his curiosity towards new places, constructions and cultures.
Being a basketball player helped build both his willingness as a team player and sharpened his understanding of the interaction between people and spaces. Long story short, Douglas’ passion for sports helped developing the designer he is today.
His grandparent’s love for painting and music also had its fair share in this story, flourishing Douglas’ interest in arts and making him take painting lessons as a child. Family influences his work until this day. His two daughters inspire him to design better, more nature-connected spaces, in order to improve lives in the communities as a whole. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
“Seing the difference designers can make in people’s lives is what moves me forward. I believe in the reconnection to natural elements - to our roots - as a tool to regain life-quality and I try to bring it as much as I can into my creations. This is one of my ways of trying to provide more happiness to people through design”.
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